Frequently Asked Questions

Open the app and go to the Options Menu, then About Us. Your app version number will be noted in a blue box towards the bottom of that screen.

To view what’s changed in that latest app updates, click here.

To ensure we can continue to support all users of our app, we need to transition users on older versions to the latest version. This will assist us in managing servers and the storage of box information, while also providing the best possible app experience to all users.

Yes you can, however you will not be able to amend any of your saved boxes, nor access any new features and other app enhancements once support for older app versions has ended.

Yes, you can delete the app at this point if you no longer need it. If you do delete the app and decide to re-download it at a date after support for older app versions has ended, your box information may be visible, but you will not be able to make changes to them.

If you wish to delete the app and all associated account box information, you can do so by opening the app, going to the Options Menu, clicking My Account, then clicking Delete Account.

Box Sharing was added to the app in version 2.0.0. This feature allows you to easily share boxes with family members, housemates or colleagues, and is a great way to keep track of shared belongings.

Other general enhancements and bug fixes have also been implemented, some as a result of device manufacturer updates, and others after receiving app user feedback.

Our Customer Service Team is more than happy to help. Fill out our enquiry form and a customer service team member will get back to you soon.

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