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Perfect for storing belts, bags and shoes, our Modular Containers include fully integrated pieces that nest within each other, making organisation a dream. Their stylish design also means that you can achieve practical storage solutions without having to compromise your interior style.

Inabox Modular Containers offer a family of designer boxes that will enhance any homes décor.
Inspired by functionality, the Modular Containers showcase fully integrated pieces that nest within each other making organisation a dream.
Available Sizes: 5L, 8L, 19L, 28L
Inabox Modular Insert Trays showcase fully integrated pieces that sits within the Modular Containers.
Perfect for storing all your small storage needs while enhancing your home décor with these designer containers.
Compatible with: Inabox 5L & 8L modular containers
Organise your shoe collection with our range of Inabox Stackable Shoe Boxes.
With a highly functional, compact and stackable design, storing and displaying your shoe collection has never been easier.
Available in: clear and grey