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Got plans this weekend? We’ve got packing up the car sorted, perfect for a busy weekend!

Our range of storage solutions take the pain out of packing up the car and more importantly help to keep it clean and tidy. We’ll help you organise your boot for your next trip, whether you’re off to the beach, camping or the kid’s soccer match, making it easy to pack up and go.

Clever ways to organise your car

Organise your boot for a beach day

Planning a road trip to the beach this summer? With warmer weather just around the corner we can’t blame you for wanting to be prepared for your next beach trip! Why not organise your beach supplies so you can just pop them in the boot and go?

Our Modular Containers make it easy to pre-pack everything you’ll need. For those hot days, we definitely recommend getting yourself a cooler for all your food and drinks. It can really be a life saver.

Our 8L modular containers are the perfect size to fit all your compact beach essentials including sunscreens, drink bottle, hats and sunglasses. For larger beach essentials such as your towels, the cooler and a change of clothes.

Our 19L modular containers allow you to organise these all into the one container, saving boot space for beach shelters! Now you can get comfy under your beach umbrella with a good book and soak up the good weather. And most importantly not worry about getting sand in your car with an organised boot!

Our list of beach essentials include sunscreen, beach towels, a good book, sunglasses, sandals, hat (we must be sun smart), dog leads, change of clothes and a portable charger.

Clever ways to organise your car

Organise your boot for your kid’s soccer game

Just cleaned the car but you’ve got your kids soccer game this Saturday? Keep the kid’s muddy soccer boots out of your clean car with our Stackable Crates. They are perfect to just throw everything into before and after the game when you are in a rush and fit perfectly in all boot sizes.

Don’t forget, the side lines are out in the elements. So it doesn’t hurt to be super prepared with plenty of blankets and sunscreen. If your child is playing multiple games in a day, you won’t get any complaints for packing lots of snacks to keep them going and an extra pair of dry socks.

Our list of game day essentials for you and your kids includes; snacks, sunscreen, blankets, drink bottles, socks, gym towels, sanitizer, tissues, mouth guards and shin pads.

Clever ways to organise your car

Organise your boot for a camping trip

Camping is a weekend activity you definitely need to prepare for! Depending on your camping style, you are going to need to pack A LOT and fill your car to the brim with things such as tents, tarps, cooking supplies, toiletries and much more.

Get all of your camping gear organised with the help of our heavy-duty containers and insert trays. Their robust design is perfect for an off-road adventure. For a big weekend away organise your camping essentials into categorised containers complete with labels to keep everything in order and easy to locate.

Sorting your camping essentials into different containers of cooking equipment, tools, bedding, protection etc., will make it easy to set up and pack away. Now you are all ready to enjoy some peace and quiet on your next camping trip with everything organised.

Tip – Use insert trays for emergency essentials that you will need quick access to.

Check out our range of modular containers, heavy duty containers and stackable crates! For more storage tipstricks and ideas, visit our blog or follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.



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