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Get Organised for Autumn

It’s time to organise for Autumn! With summer now officially over, a change in season is a great reason to give your home a good clean and re-set. And fortunately, we have a great number of storage solutions available for you to make that change.

We know autumn items tend to be far bulkier than your typical summer clothing, so it’s essential that you properly organise your wardrobe so everything fits in neatly, allowing you to see exactly what you have on hand. To begin the sorting process, we recommend heading to Bunning’s to pick up some Modular Containers, which are perfect for storing summer clothes you won’t need again for a few months.

Get Organised for Autumn

Next, store away your summer sandals in our Modular Containers and keep your autumn loafers and boots easily available to grab-and-go in our Stackable Shoe Boxes. This will create space in your closet and eliminate the hassle of rummaging through all the footwear you won’t be needing for the cooler months.

Get Organised for Autumn

We know the transition from summer to autumn doesn’t always provide the most consistent weather, and you may be needing a singlet one day and raincoat the next, so once you’ve stored these items away, we’ve made finding their location easy with our Organise by Inabox Mobile app! With a handy search function, you’ll easily find where that exact item is stored (as long as you’ve tagged or photographed it). We recommend including the clothing brand in your tag to keep it simple and easy to remember.

Now you are organised for autumn! Repeat this process at each change of season for the ultimate fuss free wardrobe. Check out our range of modular containersQR stickers and the handy mobile app! For more storage tipstricks and ideas, visit our blog or follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

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