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Keeping your crafts organised can be a struggle! Whether it’s your sewing kit or your kids paint supplies they tend to get messy very quickly. Ensuring everything has a dedicated space will go a long way to keeping your crafts in order and not resorting back to keeping everything in a cookie tin. With Christmas around the corner, now is the perfect time to put on your favourite Christmas movie and get stuck into Christmas craft projects!

Get your crafts ready for Christmas

Before you get started on any creative Christmas projects, it’s a good idea to organise your crafts to help keep you productive. To best organise your crafts, start by giving everything a quick clean! Cleaning off all the excess paint, glitter and googly eyes will help you see what supplies you have on hand and what items you may need to restock. Normally we’d encourage you to declutter at this point in the organisation process but there’s no such thing as too many crafts.

Get your crafts ready for Christmas

If you have a large craft collection, we suggest sorting your crafts into categories such as paints, Christmas crafts and sewing. Storing all of your seasonal craft together will make it a lot easier when those special times of year come around. Our small or large Insert Trays combined with Modular Containers are perfect for small fiddly craft items that get easily tangled or lost! The insert tray compartments have a variety of different sizes, so you’ll be able to find a home for all your bits and bobs.

Get your crafts ready for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to break out the craft supplies and add personalised touches to your Christmas presents or family Christmas cards! Thoughtful homemade gifts and decorations give Christmas that much loved warm, festive feeling with all the love and care that goes into them. We have listed a few craft ideas to consider trying this year to really get amongst the silly season!

Christmas Craft Ideas

  • Personalised baubles – get the glue gun and glitter out and create some customised decorations. Giving a friend or family member a bauble with their name on it is something they can cherish and use every year. 
  • Create a DIY wreath this Christmas – this is a quick craft idea that is perfect for decorating! All you need is styrofoam wreath or pool noodle, craft glue and decorations of your choice such as baubles, mini pine cones or Holly. 
  • For a delicious gift idea a cookie recipe in a jar is ideal! Include all the dry ingredients in layers and attach a recipe card with all the steps. Don’t forget a Christmas ribbon around the jar.
  • Gifting any wine this Christmas? Why not go above and beyond and knit a wine bottle sleeve! We are also loving tiny knit sweaters for your guest’s beer on Christmas day!
  • If you have the time, creating hand-made, personalised Christmas cards is a heartwarming extra for any gift.

Get your crafts ready for Christmas

We hope we have helped to sort all your crafts and inspired you to create something festive this Christmas! For more storage tipstricks and ideas, visit our blog or follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

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