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Getting back into routineAfter holiday season, it is always hard to get back into routine, but good organisation can make getting back to work a lot easier. Our Inabox Modular Containers and Modular Insert Trays are perfect for stress-free storage and will enhance your home décor.

getting back into routine

Organising for the year ahead

Having a spacious, comfortable workspace can greatly increase your motivation to work or study in the comfort of your own home. Our Inabox Modular Containers and insert trays can help you declutter your desk space, holding all your work and study necessities. Our Modular Insert Trays have small compartments so you can store pens, notebooks, and other stationary items all in a single box under or beside your desk, for easy access and maximum comfort. You can also place our Modular Containers on storage shelves, to maximise shelf space, ideal if you are working in a smaller area.getting back into routineTips and suggestions to start your year organised

  • Take less commonly used items off your desk and store them on nearby shelves or under your desk. This declutters your desk, but also guarantees that you can easily grab anything if you need.
  • Use the Modular Insert Trays to divide different items. This makes it easier for you to locate items when you need and restock when you are running low.
  • Plan ahead. This can help you get back into your busy routine, and help you balance work and leisure.
  • Use small Modular Containers and Insert Trays to store commonly used, small objects, and larger boxes to store larger things that are used less. You can stack smaller containers on top of larger ones, so they are easier to access from your desk.
  • If you are starting back at school, we suggest dedicating a Modular Container to each of your subjects. This will keep all your documents and resources neat and tidy!

getting back into routine

We hope these tips have helped motivate you to get organised for the year ahead! For more storage tips, tricks and ideas, visit our blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


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