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Inabox storage solutions have been designed to reorganise and declutter your home easily, which is especially handy for those of us who are time poor. We recently teamed up with Georg Woulf, a busy mum of four, who showed us how she incorporated Inabox into her home.

Decluttering a Workshop

Georg was inspired to turn her husband Dan’s chaotic workshop into something ‘Pinterest worthy’.

Georg made use of 38L and 65L Heavy Duty Containers along with the insert trays for storing Dan’s tools in their storage racking. Georg also used 25L Stackable Crates for other shed necessities.

The real winner for Georg was the Organise by Inabox app, allowing her and Dan to track and store their possessions so they’ll never lose an item again – the ultimate organisation hack!

Watch the transformation video below.

Organising Toys

The second project Georg took on was organising her daughters’ Barbie collection.

Her daughters’ favourite thing to do is play Barbies, but with their current set-up, the girls would tip out the entire collection each time they wanted to play – creating a big mess.

They began the organisation process by tipping out the contents of the Barbie box and sorting through which products they wanted to keep and which they could get rid of. Next, they put them into piles, sorted by dolls, horses, small accessories and so on.

Georg then reached for 5L, 19L and 28L Barn Grey Modular Containers to organise all the Barbie toys. The Insert trays came in handy for smaller Barbie and dollhouse accessories. The girls can now find and play with the toys they want to without creating a mess.

Check out the video below to see how Georg utilised the modular containers.

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