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Inspired by an earthy desert landscape, our Home range is changing up its colour offering.

In an effort to bring colour, vibrance and soothing hues into people’s homes, our Home range now consists of two lively colour ways; Desert Clay and Cactus Blue.

Muted blues and soothing pinks promote a calming environment, theses colours bring us joy, as we endeavour to create an environment that evokes happiness. Our home is our haven, it’s the place we have spent more time in than ever over the past 18 months, so it’s no surprise that creating an uncluttered, peaceful environment is high on the priority list!

Having an organised space that’s free from distractions is key to creating an atmosphere that boasts minimalism and simplicity – when everything has a home, it makes our lives less stressful and who doesn’t want that? Our new Desert Clay and Cactus Blue Home tubs have been designed to help you organise your home while also creating an atmosphere that makes you feel good! So, let’s take a closer look at these two new colours…


Inabox Desert Clay

Desert Clay

Desert Clay is a soothing, earthy, muted pink that takes inspiration from terracotta tones and hues from a burnt desert sunset. Vibrant yet neutral, this colour pairs well with whites, greys and of course Cactus Blue.


Inabox Cactus Blue

Cactus Blue

Cactus Blue is a rich shade of blue that makes a statement while also creating a neutral palette. Its rich tones can be enhanced when paired with gold accents. Cactus Blue works wonders when used to organise a space on its own, but also pairs seamlessly with white, grey, navy, charcoal tones as well as Desert Clay.

Desert Clay and Cactus Blue are available in the same sizes you know and love from the existing Home range. You can explore the colours here, we hope you love the new shades as much as we do!

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