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how to pack and move home efficiently

Moving is arguably one of the most stressful things we do. It can very quickly become a frustrating and demanding task, so we’ve put together some tips and tricks to make moving a more positive experience for everyone.


Plan of attack

When planning for a move, a detailed plan is necessary! First things first, consider what services you need to book in advance such as a rental truck or removalist service. Once you have a date in mind you can start putting together a timeline, including time for decluttering, sorting and packing. Always allow more time for these steps than you think you’ll need!


Determine everything you don’t need

We always have items lying around the house that we never use. This may only cause minor inconveniences in our everyday life, but when it comes to moving, it could add extra weight we don’t want or need to carry with us. Before you pack your boxes, think about when you last used that piece of clothing or appliance, if it’s been over 12 months,­­ we would encourage you to consider donating or selling it.

Organising and packing

Organise your items room by room with your Inabox containers. Then you can label your containers and outline the contents using the Organise by Inabox App and QR Stickers . Doing this will take your organisation to the next level and help you keep track of everything you’ve packed, and makes it so much easier for you to unpack and reorganise rooms when you move into your new house! Once you’re settled into your next destination, your Inabox containers can continue to make storage a dream in any room, with our handy search function letting you know where every container lives and what it contains.


Start early

Packing earlier will mean you’re less fatigued when it comes time to move. You can pack smaller, less used household items first, and slowly progress to larger, everyday items. Not leaving everything until the last minute will alleviate stress and make the whole process a lot more manageable.

Put essentials in a separate box

When you get to your new place, chances are you’ll be tired and drained. You don’t want to be unpacking every box to find your toothbrush, so we suggest putting everything you need for the first few nights in some of our Modular Containers so that you can relax and rest before you begin unpacking and making your new house a home!


Take photos before moving electronics

Have you ever looked at a whole bunch of cords and wires and just felt helpless? When you move larger electronics such as televisions, chances are you’ll end up with cords of all different shapes, sizes and colours. If you take a photo of these electronics before moving, you’ll be able to easily identify where each wire goes, and plug them in with minimal hassle.

Tip – Roll up all your electrical cords and place them into an Insert Tray to keep them from tangling, thank us later!

We hope these tips come in handy the next time you need to move house! For more storage tips, tricks and ideas, visit our blog or follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

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