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Breathe some fresh air into your home. After a long winter, it is a great idea to reset our living spaces with a spring-clean. Our checklist will help guide you through a room-by-room spring-clean with our top tips just in time for the warm air!

You don’t have to tackle your whole house in one day or one weekend. It’s a great idea to spread the load over a few weekends – this will take the pressure off and will also result in a more thorough clean.


Entrance Cleaning Tips

The first space to tackle is one of the messiest and most cluttered areas in the home – the front entrance. With our help, you can tackle this space in less than 15 minutes.

  1. Vacuum all mats and carpet, then shake them outside to get rid of all dust and dirt.
  2. Dust any furniture and clear all items out of the entrance space so there are no obstacles for the rest of the process.
  3. Organise all miscellaneous items like shoes, hats, bags and clothes into baskets to return to their permanent home. Our Modular Containers are great for storing sunnies, keys, all the bits and bobs you want to keep in reach but in an ordered manner.
  4. Clean all windows inside and out using a glass cleaner and clean cloth.
  5. Use a clean cloth and some warm soapy water to remove any marks on walls. Then sweep or vacuum and mop the floor.

Once the floor is dry, you can move all items back to their rightful spot and reclaim your front entrance.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

We’re not going to lie, deep cleaning your kitchen can be a huge job and it takes commitment to the task. But you will be incredibly satisfied once you’re finished! We recommend you allow yourself a good couple of hours for this task and unless they’re helping, get everyone else out of the house. You won’t need the distractions!

It’s vital to ensure your space is clear before you begin your deep clean. Clean and tidy away any dishes, empty your rubbish bins and make sure the sink is free of clutter.

Now, let’s get started!

  1. Wipe all surfaces with a clean cloth and warm soapy water. This includes your benchtops, stovetop and your drawers and shelves. Use this opportunity to also spray and wipe clean your kitchen’s windows, splashback, ceiling fan and light fittings.
  2. Then move on to wiping clean the inside of your cupboards, shelves cabinets and drawers; working through one cabinet at a time. Take this opportunity to audit your pantry and re-organise your food storage.
  3. Next up; rinse, soak and wipe down the rangehood filter. Don’t forget this step! While you’re at it, tidy and wipe down your small appliances.
  4. This is a great time to go through your fridge and freezer. Discard any unwanted contents and spray and wipe down the surfaces. Next, move on to your major appliances. Empty and clean the inside and outside of your microwave and oven, then empty and run a cleaning agent through your dishwasher.
  5. Finally – empty and clean the sink, sweep or vacuum, mop the floors and take out the rubbish.

Now that your kitchen is sparkling clean you can allow everybody back in to the house! With hopes of keeping the kitchen clean for as long as possible, it could be a good idea to assign family members with dedicated chores (taking out the bins, packing and unpacking the dishwasher, wiping down the benchtops after each meal) so that everyone is accountable and all task don’t fall on one family member… give it a go and let us know how it goes!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathrooms have a unique kind of mess, which requires a different sort of deep-cleaning style.

  1. Declutter your bathroom floor and surfaces, clearing anything that doesn’t belong.
  2. Clean out all draws and cupboards, then wipe clean all surfaces using a cloth and warm soapy water. Get rid of any empties and discard any products you no longer use. This will create space for when you get to reorganising.
  3. With your products that have survived the cleanout, fill and reorganise each drawer and cabinet. Check out our how to organise your bathroom blog for more helpful tips and tricks!
  4. Remove the covers from your vents or exhaust fan. Soak the covers while you continue your cleaning and wipe away any excess dust.
  5. Dust and wipe down every surface with a clean cloth and warm soapy water.
  6. Empty all products from the shower, then scrub all shower surfaces and wipe away any excess moisture.
  7. Deep-clean the toilet. Use a cleaning agent to soak the inside of the toilet and use a surface cleaner to wipe clean the external surfaces.
  8. Clean the mirror using a glass cleaner and clean paper towel.
  9. Sweep and mop, and remove the rubbish.

When it comes to re-organising your bathroom products, our Modular Containers serve as a great storage solution. They have dedicated compartments and will help to restore some order to your bathroom!

Laundry and Linen Closet Cleaning Tips

It can be easy to neglect the linen closet. Lose track of your linen organisation and before you know it, your shelves can become an overflowing mess. Here are three simple steps to keep everything in order.

  1. Sort your items into categories – sheets, towels, cleaning supplies, extra toiletries and medication.
  2. Remove and sustainably discard any unwanted items. Consider donating your towels and linen to charity or an animal shelter.
  3. Dust and wipe clean all shelves before re-stacking your shelves.

For a more detailed linen closet organising process, check out our blog here.

Bedroom Cleaning Tips

The bedroom is one of our favourite spaces to clean and with spring now here, there’s no better time for a freshen up. It will fell so nice to be able to open up the windows and let some fresh air into a clean bedroom.

  1. Start with a quick tidy up of your bedroom. Declutter all of your surfaces and make sure everything is in its right place.
  2. Clean and flip your mattress. Use this opportunity to change and clean all of your bedding, including mattress protectors.
  3. Clean all surfaces, dust, wipe down walls and clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  4. Use a window cleaner and some paper towel to clean your windows inside and out.
  5. Vacuum floors and if you don’t have carpet in your bedroom, take this chance to mop your floors too.

Now with your bedroom clean and organised, light a candle or turn on your diffuser and enjoy your calm sleeping space.

Inabox Insert Trays

Garage Cleaning Tips

Your garage is no different to any other room in your house, it too needs a good spring clean! A clean and tidy garage will help prevent dust and dirt finding its way into the home.

  1. Pull everything off shelves – this will give you the space to properly dust and clean to prevent dirt build up.
  2. Sort through your items – consider what you haven’t used in a year or are unlikely to use again, it might be time to part ways!
  3. Organise the contents of your garage into effective storage systems using the Inabox Garage range. Find more garage organisation tips here.
  4. Remove all items off the floor and find a suitable home in your newly organised garage. If you have any unwanted items, sort them into toss, sell and donate piles.
  5. Sweep or vacuum, and mop the floor to remove all dirt and oil build up.

With your garage now clean and tidy, you can make the most of the extra storage!

That’s a wrap, our top tips on how you can get your house prepped for spring! Remember, you don’t have to tackle every room in one day, you can spread the rooms out over a few weekends, allowing you to completed a thorough job and also gaining a greater sense of achievement.

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