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We are very excited to introduce two new products to our Inabox Home range… meet our latest Windmill White and Cottage Blue modular containers.

A very warm welcome to our Windmill White and Cottage Blue Modular Containers! These new colours are extremely versatile and pair beautifully with our range of insert trays. Use Cottage Blue to inject some subtle colour into your home or pair it back with neutral Windmill White. These muted colours are perfect if you want to add a contemporary look and feel to your home storage.

Windmill White and Cottage Blue modular containers

Our modular containers are designed to be the perfect storage solution in every room of your home, from your study through to your bathroom. To make shopping the range even easier, we also offer these containers in bundles which ensures you have the perfect mix of modular, integrated containers. The value packs are complete with our infamous insert trays. These are great for storing all those little knick-knacks we collect over the years and keep them from getting lost at the bottom of a container.

Windmill White and Cottage Blue modular containers

A cool welcome to Windmill White! It is the perfect neutral tone to compliment any style of home. The neutral white tone provides a discreet storage option that seamlessly blends into the interior of your home. White is a timeless colourway and is a great choice if you want to bring a sense of calm to a space, which is always our aim when organising.

Tip – For the ultimate clean aesthetic, Windmill White is perfect to store away all the colourful toys.

Windmill White and Cottage Blue modular containers

You can stop the search for the perfect light blue storage container….meet Cottage Blue! This trendy colour is not going anywhere anytime soon, it provides a subtle pop of colour that we can all appreciate and its beautiful cool tone of blue will seamlessly blend into your space while also transporting you to a relaxing beach getaway that you deserve, minus the sand and add organisation.

Check out our Cottage Blue and Windmill White modular containers here! For more storage tipstricks and ideas, visit our blog or follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

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