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The Inabox Home range delivers a stylish and functional home storage system.  Featuring Modular Containers and Modular Insert Trays,  the range is both practical and flexible, all whilst maintaining a designer look and feel.

Inabox  offers a family of designer Modular Containers that will enhance any home’s décor.
Inspired by functionality, these Modular Containers showcase fully integrated pieces that sit within each other making organisation a dream.
Available Sizes: 5L, 8L 19L, 28L, 39L.
Inabox Modular Insert Trays showcase fully integrated pieces that sits within the Modular Containers range.
The ranges offers two sizes and have been designed to offer compartment storage solutions. Perfect for storing all your small storage needs while enhancing your home décor with these designer containers.
Compatable with Inabox Modular Containers