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Let’s get your wardrobe ready for the warmer weather! Is your winter clothing dominating your wardrobe at the moment? Those big winter coats and chunky knits can be difficult to store, fortunately we have a few storage solutions to help your summer clothes shine through.

First things first, as with any project we declutter! If you haven’t worn that item this winter, let’s be real, you are unlikely to wear it next year. We highly recommend doing a stocktake of all your winter clothing and accessories, and consider if you really need four black knit jumpers. The decluttering will help to finalise your summer wardrobe and you may even find that you have gaps in your winter wardrobe just in time to shop end of season sales.

Next, we sort! To begin the sorting process, we recommend heading out to your local Bunnings to pick up some modular containers and QR stickers (you’ll thank us later). It’s unlikely you’ll need your winter clothing for another few months, so we suggest storing them away to free up space in your wardrobe. For long-term storage, our QR stickers and Organise by Inabox Mobile app are super-handy as they make it easy to store and find your favourite items – just follow the in-app process to take the hassle out of storing away your winter clothing.

Tip – Our Insert trays are great for storing accessories.

We know that sometimes the weather can surprise us and you’ll need your raincoat in the middle of summer, so we’ve made finding where you’ve stored it easy with the Organise by Inabox Mobile app!  With the inbuilt search function, you’ll easily find where that exact item is stored as long as you’ve tagged or photographed it. We recommend including the brand name in your tag to keep it simple and easy to remember.

Now your wardrobe is ready for summer! Repeat this process at each change of season for the ultimate fuss free wardrobe. Check out our range of modular containers, QR stickers and the handy mobile app! For more storage tipstricks and ideas, visit our blog or follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

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