Frequently Asked Questions

The Organise by Inabox app is an innovative, personalised way to organise, store and find your belongings. Perfect for storage around the home or small business, or for when you’re moving home, it allows you to easily keep track of and find items easily and quickly.

You can find and download the free Organise by Inabox app at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

To use all app features, you’ll need pre-printed Organise by Inabox QR Stickers. These stickers are available to purchase online and in store at retailers including Bunnings Warehouse (AUS), Ryman and (UK). The QR Stickers allow you to setup a box within the app, and then scan and find your belongings with ease.

First, start by placing an unused QR Sticker on your desired storage box. Then, from the app home screen, simply scan that QR sticker to get started.

Select ‘Create new box’, choose your box type, capacity and colour (if applicable), before entering your box details including Name, Location and Contents.

Next, select an image from your device, or snap a new one (or more), before finalising your box on the next screen. Congratulations, you’re all done!

Setting up a new account is easy. After downloading the app from either Google Play or the Apple App Store, open the app, click ‘Sign Up’ and follow the prompts.

You can also create a new account at any time by selecting the menu option at top right of the app home screen, then clicking ‘Login’ followed by ‘Sign Up’.

No, at this point you don’t need to create an account to use of the app.

However, the app experience will be limited as you won’t be able to share your boxes. We also recommend creating an account to ensure that your box information is securely stored on the app server.

Yes! One of the best ways to use the app is when organising and packing for the big move, and then again when you need to find something in your new home. It’s also perfect for keeping track of your belongings if you decide to divide your storage boxes and store in different locations – e.g. storage facility, a friend’s home, your parent’s garage – anywhere!

No, there is no limit to the number of items that you can register in the app as being stored in your box. The only limit will be the size of the box itself!

Any way you like! It really is the easiest way to keep track of your belongings and find things at the click of a button.

Whether it’s something that you only use infrequently, or often, the app will have you finding and using it in no time.

Absolutely. Organise by Inabox works with any box – cardboard, plastic, anything! Just attach an Organise by Inabox QR Sticker and you’re ready to setup your box.

The Organise by Inabox app could be useful for your small business. Whether you’re looking for a way to manage stock levels, or perhaps a way to keep track of tools of trade, the app is a user-friendly way to take some hassle out of doing business.

QR Stickers

In Australia, our ready-made QR Sticker packs are currently available either in store or online at Bunnings Warehouse.

If you’re located in the United Kingdom, you can purchase QR Stickers from Ryman or

Right now, the maximum number of QR Stickers available for use is 92. QR Stickers are available in 32 pack and 60 pack quantities, which can be combined to achieve the maximum sticker number (92).

Remember not to use multiples of the same pack size as the QR codes are repeated.

No, our QR Stickers are repeated. This means the maximum number of QR Stickers that can be utilised per user is 92.

QR Stickers are available in 32 pack and 60 pack quantities, which can be combined to achieve the maximum sticker number (92).

Box Sharing

Box sharing is the easy way to share the contents of your box with family, housemates or colleagues. It allows you and those that you’ve shared it with to easily keep track of and update box contents.

To share, simply click the box icon at top left of the home screen and then choose which box you’d like to share. You’ll notice a ‘Share’ button at the bottom; click here and then enter the email address of whom you’d like to share with, and confirm by clicking ‘Share’. An invitation has now been sent via email. Once the invitation is accepted, you’ll both have access to the shared box.

If you have received any box sharing invitations, you’ll also find them in the ‘Invites’ section under the Options Menu.

You’ll first notice a yellow face shown against the email address you’ve shared a box with. Once this changes to green, that means the invitation has been accepted. If it changes to red, that means the box invitation was not accepted.

As the original box creator, you can un-share a box at any time. To do so, head to the Storage screen by selecting the box icon at top left of the home screen. Then, select the box you wish to un-share, and click the ‘Share’ button found at the bottom of that screen. You can now click on the email address of the person you wish to un-share that box with and click ‘Un-share’. Done!

Note that only the original box creator can un-share or delete a box. If you’ve had a box shared with you, you cannot un-share that box from any other app user.

You can easily remove this box from your list by doing the following. From the home screen, click the box icon at top left, then swipe left across the box that you no longer wish to have access to. Click ‘Delete’ when prompted. Done!

Note that the above will not delete the box from the original box creators list; it will still be accessible to them.


The Organise by Inabox app is compatible with Google Android version 9 and above, and Apple IOS version 15 and above. Due to the nature of mobile devices, brands and operating systems, the user experience may differ, including being unavailable in some instances.

Please contact our customer service team at if you require further assistance regarding compatibility.

Yes, you can easily login on multiple devices, e.g. your personal and work phones. If you are quickly switching between devices, please ensure you’ve allowed your latest box updates to sync before viewing on the second device.

Not a problem. Simply open the app, select the menu option at top right of the app home page, then click ‘Login’ followed by ‘Forgot Password’. From there, you can follow the prompts to reset your password.

App camera permission is required in order for the app to scan QR codes with your device’s camera. Without granting those permissions, the app is unable to setup boxes nor scan and provide details for existing boxes.

You may be prompted to grant camera permission when you first download the app, or if you remove camera permission at a later date and re-open the app.

Camera permission can be granted in your devices settings.

Please contact our customer service team at for further assistance.

Please contact our customer service team at for further assistance.

Please contact our customer service team at for further assistance.


At this stage, the app is only available for download and use in Australia and the United Kingdom. We do however love our innovative storage app and have big plans for the future – stay tuned!

Our Customer Service Team is more than happy to help. You can reach them at

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