Getting organised in the garden is a lot easier than you think.

Maintaining the appearance of your outdoor area can become a little tricky when equipment or toys don’t have a home. Some simple storage solutions will make all the difference!

Maximise space in your garden shed

Garden sheds can be a great home for all your outdoor essentials, although they’re often quite tight on space. Check out our top tips for ensuring you make the most of the space you have!
Consider storage containers
for a clutter free shed.
Make use of vertical space
by installing shelves or opting for a stackable storage solution.
Create easy grab and go crates
for the kids’ toys preventing them from having to search.
Use Organise by Inabox
to take your shed organisation to the next level.
Want more room inspired tips?
Check out our blog!

Stackable Crates

Stackable Crates are the best choice for organising in the garden! With this stackable storage solution, you can save room while keeping your kids’ collection of sports equipment under control.

Available sizes: 25L, 45L, 60L & 73L.

Heavy Duty Containers

Built to last, our Heavy Duty Containers are designed for storing your gardening essentials like fertiliser and potting mix. Pair with Insert Trays to prevent packets of seeds and gardening gloves from getting lost at the bottom.

Available sizes: 27L, 38L, 65L & 100L.

QR Code Sticker system

Take your garden game to new heights with the help of our Organise by Inabox app and QR code system. You’ll thank us when you don’t need pull out half the garden shed before finding your watering can.