Get your garage under control with quality and functional storage solutions.

Whether you use your garage to store tools, gardening supplies or simply use it as a dumping ground for those things that no longer belong in the home, prioritise organisation.

Maximise space in your garage

Is it time to tackle that chaotic garage space? Check out our top tips for maximising your garage space.
Pull everything out!
see everything you have on hand and declutter accordingly.
Organise your belongings into categories
such as paint prep, garden care, holiday decorations etc.
Pack the categories into containers
we recommend our Heavy Duty Containers or Stackable Crates.
Make use of Organise by Inabox
sort your items using our app and QR code combo.
Want more room inspired tips?
Check out our blog!

Heavy Duty Containers

Our range of Heavy Duty Containers are an essential for any garage makeover. From storing tools to toys, you’ll soon see why these containers are perfect for achieving ultimate garage goals.

Available sizes: 27L, 38L, 65L & 100L

Stackable Crates

Cleverly designed to be both stackable and nestable, our Stackable Crates are perfect for those garage essentials that you’re always reaching for.

Available sizes: 25L, 45L, 60L & 73L

Organise by Inabox

Add a whole new meaning to garage organisation with Organise by Inabox!

An innovative app and QR Code Sticker combo means you can bypass the aimless rummaging and instead, find your belongings at the touch of a button.