So, you’ve sorted through your wardrobe, cleaned out your pantry and tidied the garage, what should you organise next?

With much of Australia (and the world) still feeling the effects of COVID-19, many of us are spending more and more time at home. Home is where most of us live, work and play, so it’s important we create an environment that we enjoy spending time and can relax in. Organisation is a great way to gain control in a time of such uncertainty, it gives a sense of achievement and also makes life a little easier when you know where everything lives. So why not make the most of your extra time by getting your home organised? There’s nothing more satisfying than a clean and tidy home, ready for when we get back to some normality!

We spent the most recent lockdown organising our bathroom. We cleaned out our cabinets, decluttered our makeup drawer and categorised our products into dedicated tubs to ensure everything has a home. It looks great and now we have more time to focus on the important things – Netflix binging.

Let us show you how:

The first step in organising your bathroom is to determine what actually needs to be there. Do you open drawers that are full of empty or half empty containers and old products? Struggle to find the items you need buried beneath the clutter? Time to get organised.

Makeup storage solution
Skincare storage solution

Organise your bathroom drawers

We’ve all been guilty of dumping products in our bathroom drawers, leaving a cluttered mess for next time. Categorising your products into our Inabox Home tubs helps everything have a home and make your bathroom products so much faster to find.

The second step is to organise your products into groups, you could use these categories as a starting point; toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouth care, makeup and beauty products, skincare, hair care, medication and women’s sanitary products. Categorising your bathroom products will allow you to find things easily and you may even discover a shade of lipstick you love and forgot you had – score!

Benefits of an organised bathroom

An aesthetically pleasing bathroom is something that should always be enjoyed; however, the benefits of an organised bathroom aren’t all to do with how it looks. An organised bathroom will save you loads of precious time in the morning when you are getting ready. With the extra time available, an organised bathroom also makes for a more relaxing space for you to enjoy knowing everything is in its place. Lastly, an organised bathroom makes it easier to keep clean, so with a little help from our Inabox Home Tubs, you can reap all the benefits.

Tip – Allocate dedicated places for each bathroom product category like cosmetics, hair care or your medication into a vanity or drawers. This will keep your counter clutter free, helping you on your way to an organised bathroom.

Finally, now that your bathroom is organised and tidy. It’s time to work out a plan to help keep it that way.

  1. Go through your bathroom products. Find the items that haven’t been used for over a year and sustainably discard them.

  2. Store extra toilet paper, toothpaste or soap in cupboards for easy access.

  3. Don’t get in the habit of storing things in the bathroom that don’t belong!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and have inspired you to get your bathroom in order! Read more of our organisation blogs or find storage inspiration on our Instagram.