Take home organisation to the next level with our Home Insert Trays.

Inabox Home Insert Trays showcase fully integrated pieces that nest within the Home Containers. Designed to offer compartment storage solutions within the existing Home storage range, our new Insert Trays are perfect for all your small storage needs while also enhancing your home décor with their streamlined aesthetic.

The Insert Trays boast a contemporary design, are BPA free and nest within all tubs in the Home range. The Inabox Home Insert Trays come in two versatile sizes (small and large). Our small tray is compatible with the Home 5L and 8L modular containers and the large tray fits in the 19L, 28L and 39L modular containers.

Organise your bedroom

Take your organisation game up a notch…sick of rummaging around in drawers, looking for your sunnies, jewellery or belts? Our Insert Trays are perfect for organising all your accessories. Use them in conjunction with our Home tubs or on their own to practically and stylishly organise your small accessories.

Organise your bathroom

Perfect for storing smaller bathroom items such as nail polish, ear buds, face pads and tweezers, our small Home Insert Trays will help you organise these items so you can locate them whenever you need them. Because our Insert Tray nest perfectly within our Home tubs, you can use the 5L and 8L containers to store things underneath the trays, such as body lotion or hand creams.

Organise your Study

Need a place to store all your office stationery but don’t fancy keeping them out on display on your desk? Our new compartment storage solution allows you to group like items, giving them a dedicated home within our Home storage tubs. The small trays are perfect for storing things such as paperclips, pens and sticky notes, whereas the large trays are perfect for larger items such as staplers and scissors.

Organise your toy room

Finally, one of the messiest rooms in the house (if you have children) …the toy room! Often a room left in a state of dismay, the play room doesn’t have to be an area of your home you dread entering or spending time in. Some simple planning and smart storage solutions will make organising this room a breeze!

Our Home tubs and Insert Trays not only look great, but will help you categorically organise your kids’ toys. Check out our dedicated blog with advice on how to best organise this room here!

Explore our new Home Insert Trays here! For more storage tips and tricks, check out our design blog!