Is your kids room a mess, with toys and clothes overflowing everywhere? It might be time to tackle this space and restore some order.

Keeping your children’s room organised will promote a positive connection with organisation as they get older. Maintaining an organised environment in your children’s room will help you save time when getting them ready for school or kinder and will also bring you a whole lot of joy when you walk into a clean and tidy bedroom. So, here’s how to get started!

Clear some space and empty out their drawers

Clean your child’s room before you get started. Before you start pulling everything out of drawer and cupboards, make sure there is enough floor space to clear and organise everything.

Sort items into three piles

  • Keep – Only hold onto the things they actually use and need.

  • Donate – Item’s they haven’t used in the last 6 months, duplicate books, cheap toys, old Halloween costumes, unused stuffed animals and technology they have outgrown etc.

  • Trash – broken toys, clothes with holes or rips, tattered books, left over baby products, old art projects etc.

*Recycle or donate what they have outgrown.

Label and prep

Labelling isn’t just for appearances or pleasure. Marking what something is in your children’s draws or where certain items can be found is essential when it comes to maintaining organisation. It could be what determines whether these drawers turn into a mess that has to be routinely overhauled, or stays mostly tidy – we would rather the latter!

Our modular storage containers work wonders for drawer organisation, as they allow you to separate clothes into “like” groups, such as socks, undies and pyjamas, giving everything a dedicate home. They can also be used for vertical storage, stacking tubs on top of one another to store toys and books – they look great too!

*Tip - Turn tidy-up into a game

Kids who start helping with house hold chores early are more likely to have a positive relationship with cleaning. Pro tip - Use colour coordination to tidy up. A fun game you could play is asking the kids to choose a colour, for example blue, and request that they find all the things blue to put away. Repeat with different colours until everything is picked up – genius!

Teach your child to fold their cloths

Finally, show your children how to fold their clothes. This will help the clothes last longer and will even increase the life of your dresser and closet. Clothes that are just shoved into drawers will ruin cloths and make it hard to find anything. This also teaches them to respect their belongings which is a great life lesson.

So, there you have it, our top tips on how to keep your child’s room clean and tidy! For more helpful organisation tips and tricks, visit our blog!